Dance Hub was created by Samantha Vale, an international master teacher trainer in Street Dance.

Samantha is responsible for creating Street Dance syllabi and training programmes for some of the world’s leading dance organisations and continues to lecture across the globe, inspiring and developing the next generation of teachers of dance. Her recent lecturing travels have taken her to China, Vietnam and South Africa.

Dance Hub offer intensive teacher training and refresher courses for anyone looking to develop their existing street dance skills further.

Whether your objective is gaining a worldwide recognised teaching qualification or just brush up your own technical knowledge and receive expert training with a team of specialists, Dance Hub can help you on your teaching journey.

Training can be presented working with new teachers or experienced professionals in varying degrees of depth. These courses are bespoke and there is no 'one size fits all' label. 

Samantha also has a 1-2-1 mentoring package available for teachers looking to qualify under an examining body of dance. You will receive resources and individual training with access to feedback along the way. This is an ideal solution for the distance learner in Street Dance. 

DANCE HUB is an international platform for instructors of dance providing inspiration to encourage personal creativity and growth.


Resources / Training packages / Mentoring programmes / Workshops.

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