Your time is valuable and the creative demands placed upon you can leave you feeling uninspired, frustrated and tired.

Dance Hub is your creative supply to meet those demands leaving you free to utilise your time in other areas of your business, offering appropriate and safe choreographic combinations and exercises for class and stage. 


These independent resources will help you further your knowledge and provide inspiration and ideas when you need them. 

All tutorials and syllabi can be downloaded directly to your computer or phone for personal preparation or on-the-go studio use.


A library of downloadable short choreographic tutorials filtered by abilities and genres. Each tutorial demonstrates the eight-bar combination facing forward and facing the rear, in full time and in half time. Easy to follow and plenty of room for individual interpretation!


An independent Street Dance Syllabus providing class structure and an understanding of genre progression, designed to challenge and provide appropriate and safe technical growth whilst allowing our students space to ‘dance’. The syllabus is available in three introductory levels with exercises and short example combinations in each level to help develop foundation skills. 

Each syllabus includes an example warm-up, an elevation exercise, a turn exercise, a popping, locking and breaking drill and an isolation exercise. 


A range of short informative books to help support and further your understanding and knowledge. Save time googling and find all the authentic information you need in one space. 

DANCE HUB is an international platform for instructors of dance providing inspiration to encourage personal creativity and growth.


Resources / Training packages / Mentoring programmes / Workshops.

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