Mama-Groove classes are 45 jam-packed minutes long and include a gentle cardiovascular warm-up incorporating toning of legs, bottoms, and arms followed by a variety of alternating dance sections including SALSA, DISCO, JAZZ, CARNIVAL, SWING, and HIP-HOP! These are fun easy dance movements to follow (or just do your own thing!)

In Mama-Groove we don’t care if you step left when we go right, it’s all about having a great time with your little one!

We finish on some gentle stretching to alleviate some of that mummy tension from sleepless nights and busy days.


The friendly classes are geared towards mum.

  • Regain confidence

  • Groove to the best tunes!

  • Shape up

  • Work and tone muscles

  • Burn calories

  • Social time for YOU and your child

Towards the end of the class, we have a short section working with you and your child to BABA-Groove play songs, encouraging gross motor skills and developing rhythmic awareness.


The classes are led from the front by an instructor and our spaces are large and clear of obstruction for the little ones to watch, play and socialise if you are not carrying them.


There is a maximum class size for mums and no more than two children up to the age of four are permitted with anyone mum.


We recommend that for safety purposes, any infant under the age of four months should not be worn during the Mama-Groove workout class but carried in arms. Infants are welcome in buggies, seats and on our padded mats.

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